Lincoln Elementary OSOB: The Lemonade War
Nightly Homework:
1. Read the assigned chapter as a family. Use the questions in italics to guide family discussion after the chapter.
2. Answer the trivia ticket question (optional). Bring it to school to the next day to be entered in a daily prize drawing!
May 2017
Kick Off Assembly
Read Chapter 1
Have you ever said something to someone in your family you didn’t really mean? Why?

Read Chapter 2
How would you feel if you were in Jessie’s shoes?

Read Chapter 3
What are the strengths of the members of your family?

Read Chapter 4
When you are trying to make sense of math, are you a number person or a picture person?

Read Chapter 5
Have you ever felt competitive to someone you are close to?

Read Chapter 6
How does your family support you when you are having a problem?

Read Chapter 7
Evan has a difficult time saving money. Are you a “saver” or “spender?”

Read Chapter 8
Write a compliment card to each of your family members. You might receive one too!

Read Chapter 9
Do you think Evan is regretting the lemonade war? Why?

Weekend challenge:
Go one night without TV/electronics. Draw and/or write to tell your teacher what you did! You will earn a special prize!
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What was your favorite part?

Read Chapter 10
What rules would you like your family to have?
Memorial Day

Read Chapter 11
Who do you hope will win the war?

Read Chapter 12
Are you still rooting for the same person?

Read Chapter 13
At the end of the chapter, what does Evan suspect?

Read Chapter 14
If you could ask the author a question about the book what would it be?