Friday, June 5, 2015

Moving On To Summer

Our Kindergarten students here at Lincoln were SOOOO excited to receive their very own copy of The Summer According to Humphrey today! 

Remember to bring in your Pay It Forward Book and ticket on Monday for a chance to win the BIKE! 

We had so much fun with Two Schools One Book and cannot wait to continue our Humphrey conversations in the Fall!

Thanks to all of the families that made this such a success for our kiddos! 

Have a safe and fun Humphrey filled Summer Everyone! 

-The Lincoln Staff

Monday, June 1, 2015

This is Our Final Week!

This is our FINAL week for The World According to Humphrey before our classroom celebrations on Friday! 
Be sure to keep up the great reading every night this week Lincoln and Hayes! 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Humphrey Celebrates Character Day at Hayes

Humphrey paid a surprise visit to Hayes this morning.  Students and staff arrived dressed as their favorite book characters, including Harry Potter, Waldo, the Third Little Pig, Little Red Riding Hood, Anne of Green Gables and Amelia Bedelia.  Students were surprised to be greeted by Humphrey himself as they entered the building!  What's more, we've learned that Humphrey is a Cav's fan!  That's one more reason to love everyone's favorite hamster!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Humphrey Makes His Way Around Lincoln!

Today Humphrey paid a very special visit to all K-2 classrooms at Lincoln! He even brought the real Humphrey with him for a visit. He asked Mrs. Strauss to go into the room ahead of time to see if any gulp! dogs were in the classroom! Luckily, there were no dogs to be found today at Lincoln. Humphrey asked students some trivia questions from Chapter 9 and some of the Kindergarten students even had some great questions for Humphrey about hamsters! What a fun afternoon! 

Click on any picture to view them larger! 

We Just  Humphrey!

Humphrey's Day in First Grade

Humphrey was A-Mazing playing our math game with us today!  He even rolled the dice to win the game on the hundreds chart for us!  He enjoyed writing words in FUNdations.  I think he got 100%.  The joy Humphrey brought to our classroom was priceless.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Book Buddies "Chalk About Humphrey"

Mrs. Dyke's Kindergarteners and their 3rd grade Book Buddies in Mrs. Kelly's class took to the sidewalk to "chalk" about their favorite parts of The World According to Humphrey!

shared our ideas,
We talked about the book,
and posed for photos!
Then we chalked about it!

Many students talked about how they like when
Humphrey spins on his wheel! 

Then it was time to relax and read 
in the shade!   

Friday, May 22, 2015

Third Graders Find a Creative Way to Bring Humphrey to Life Room 102!

Third graders in Room 102 are now communicating with Humphrey whenever they like through Humphrey's "Twitter" account and their very own Humphreys! They are answering the daily questions on the "Twitter Feed" and reading to Humphrey throughout the day! 

Woof Woof

Did you know that hamsters like to chew on dog biscuits?  It helps to wear down their sharp teeth!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Humphrey Visits First Grade!

Humphrey should sleep well after being in Ms. Perez’s classroom today!  He was greeted warmly by the children. When they switched for reading groups, he helped encourage the kids to write their opinion as to what was the best invention in their journal.  After lunch, Ms. Perez read The World According to Humphrey as she held him. He nestled into her  arm as she read the book and then stuck his nose through the elbow area so the class could see him from  the other side.  Each student got to pet Humphrey and Ms. Perez learned he loves to have his belly rubbed!  At the end of the day after STAR the class decided to sing the “Hamster Dance” and send Humphrey off with a smile! Ms. Perez’s class thoroughly enjoyed their day with Humphrey!

Humphrey rolled close to this student after he saw her doing such a terrific job following directions!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Humphrey Goes to Kindergarten!

 Humphrey made a visit to Kindergarten today! Mrs. Papp’s kindergartners were super excited to be Humphrey's first stop. They loved watching him roll around on the floor. 

The students took the experience and wrote an opinion piece on why others classrooms and teachers should have Humphrey visit for the day! One student even tried to write to persuade teachers not to invite Humphrey so we could keep him in our room!  Room 106 had a great time with Humphrey!

Reading Buddies and more at Lincoln!

What better way to spend time with Reading Buddies! At Lincoln Elementary, 5th grade Reading Buddies are taking turns reading to 1st grade Buddies each day! We are loving this school-wide book club! 

Cale Reading
Malayla Reading
Students are also reading each night! Last night, some of our students even read with their dog! Please share pictures with us of you reading at night via Twitter @LkwdLincoln and @LkwdHayes and use the hashtag #TSOB in your post! We will keep sharing! 



Surprise! Humphrey Visits Preschool and First Grade

On Monday Humphrey visited the Hayes Preschool and presented them with The World According to Humphrey books to read in honor of Two Schools, One Book!

Humphrey also stopped by Ms. Perez's first grade classroom to listen to his story....The World According to Humphrey!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Humphrey at Our Schools!

Humphrey has arrived!  He is looking forward to meeting all of the students.  Many thanks to Pet's General Store who generously provided Humphrey and his home.

Friday, May 15, 2015


We made the news!  Here's the article of our exciting 2S1B Assembly

HAYES, Lincoln rally for Two Schools One Book Project


The excitement and enthusiasm in the Garfield gym Friday was enough to think the 800 students and staff from Hayes and Lincoln Elementaries gathered there were taking part in a huge pep rally for some giant sporting event. It had all the elements: the Rangerman, Garfield cheerleaders and band, even Browns mascot Chompers. But the event was rather a rally for reading as the two schools celebrated the kickoff of their Two Schools One Book program.

The rally, which also included a skit from the Garfield Drama Club and a video appearance by Superintendent Patterson, was the set up for the big reveal of the book chosen. Two students unwrapped the book and declared that everyone in both buildings will be reading Betty G. Birney’s “The World According to Humphrey.” And Humphrey even made an appearance!

Two Schools One Book derived from the One School One Book nationwide movement to get kids excited and interested in reading. The program aims to make reading a community and family affair. Hayes and Lincoln students will read the book with their families and staff will read it as well. Books have been given to Central Office administrators and Board of Education members. 

The idea is to create a shared experience where students can chat about the book at school and at home. To keep the energy and excitement up as everyone progresses in the book, the schools will be offering incentive prizes for students through raffle tickets. The tickets will be part of a scavenger hunt involving local businesses. Students will look for the hidden Humphrey the Hamster in participating businesses and receive a ticket when they find him. 

The three-week program is truly a community affair as lead organizers Stacy Rocco, Regina Bazjer and Molly Dyke asked Lakewood businesses and organizations to contribute with either items or cash to help support the cost of the program. Large donors include Lakewood Rangers Education Foundation, Lakewood Kiwanis and First Federal of Lakewood. Rocco also worked with Bay Village Schools to obtain 160 books from classes in Bay who had already read “The World According to Humphrey.” She plans to pass on our students’ books to another district in similar fashion once the program is over. 

At the end of the project, organizers hope to keep the momentum going by offering each student a brand new book to take home for the summer. What a great way to wrap up the school year!

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