Thursday, May 21, 2015

Humphrey Visits First Grade!

Humphrey should sleep well after being in Ms. Perez’s classroom today!  He was greeted warmly by the children. When they switched for reading groups, he helped encourage the kids to write their opinion as to what was the best invention in their journal.  After lunch, Ms. Perez read The World According to Humphrey as she held him. He nestled into her  arm as she read the book and then stuck his nose through the elbow area so the class could see him from  the other side.  Each student got to pet Humphrey and Ms. Perez learned he loves to have his belly rubbed!  At the end of the day after STAR the class decided to sing the “Hamster Dance” and send Humphrey off with a smile! Ms. Perez’s class thoroughly enjoyed their day with Humphrey!

Humphrey rolled close to this student after he saw her doing such a terrific job following directions!