Chapter Discussion Questions

Chapter 1: Have you ever said something to someone in your family you didn’t really mean? Why?
Chapter 2: How would you feel if you were in Jessie’s shoes?
Chapter 3: What are the strengths of the members of your family?
Chapter 4: When you are trying to make sense of math, are you a number person or a picture person?
Chapter 5: Have you ever felt competitive to someone you are close to?
Chapter 6: How does your family support you when you are having a problem?
Chapter 7: Evan has a difficult time saving money.  Are you a “saver” or “spender?”
Chapter 8: Write a compliment card to each of your family members.  You might receive one too!
Chapter 9: Do you think Evan is regretting the lemonade war? Why?
Chapter 10: What rules would you like your family to have?
Chapter 11: Who do you hope will win the war?

Chapter 12: Are you still rooting for the same person?
Chapter 13: At the end of the chapter, what does Evan suspect?
Chapter 14: If you could ask the author a question about the book what would it be?